Pharmaceutical Grade Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Cartridges (PPTFE)

Pharmaceutical Grade polytetrafluoroethylene membrane cartridges are designed to deliver sterile effluent in air/gas applications. The PTFE membrane offers the highest hydrophobicity available in the industry while delivering extraordinary flowrates at low pressure drops. Each PPTFE cartridge is integrity tested and supported by a validation guide. PPTFE series cartridges are the optimal choice for a variety of air/gas feed and venting applications.

Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Membrane Cartridges (PPES)

The Pharmaceutical Grade polyethersulfone membrane cartridge series offers sterile filtration for pharmaceutical biological solutions. The PPES cartridges are 100% integrity tested and are supported by a validation guide.  In addition to delivering exceptional flowrates and low pressure drops, the low protein binding characteristics of the highly asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane makes the PPES cartridges an ideal choice for a wide range of critical applications.

Biological Reduction Grade Polyethersulfone Membrane Cartridges (BRPES)

The Biological Reduction Grade polyethersulfone membrane cartridge series is validated and 100% integrity-tested. The BRPES series provides bio-burden and small particulate removal for a wide-range of Food and Beverage, biological, and bulk pharmaceutical fluids. This product offers an outstanding value for high purity and critical applications.

WaterClear Polyethersulfone (WCPES)

The addition of our new WaterClear cartridges offers a continuous-length asymmetric PES membrane option for water/aqueous fluid applications. The combination of our high performance PES membrane and the elimination of the segmented endcaps, delivers excellent flowrates at low pressure drops. The result is high performance and excellent value.