Our filtration products and services are utilized by customers in a wide variety of industries including: paints, inks & coatings, water treatment, mining & minerals, chemicals.

Improving Process Efficiency Across the Industrial Spectrum


We understand the impact improper filtration can have on the chemical products you produce and the overall adverse impact that can have on your business.

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Cosmetic Industry

In recent months, many cosmetics companies have pivoted from producing face creams and perfumes to disinfectants and hand sanitizers. The switch has required manufacturers to make some drastic changes to existing production lines, but the role that filtration plays has remained constant – to maximize product cleanliness, clarity and consistency.

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Paints Inks and Coatings

Improving your products quality and your bottom line is why we do what we do. Filtration solutions that help you achieve your goals.

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Parts Cleaning

Years ago, solvent-based systems were quite common. However, due to more stringent use and disposal guidelines, larger-scale and more critical part cleaning applications now utilize a water-based detergent process. This process meets the cleaning requirements by reducing manufacturing debris in parts prior to being assembled into the final products. Global Filter can help users meet these quality requirements.

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Water Treatment

We understand the importance and impact of water in our everyday lives and the intricacies of producing it.

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