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Filter Micron Ratings

Global Filter offers a variety of micron ratings for all of our filters. Our various micron ratings provide efficient removal of all types of contaminants—anything from large sediment to as small as bacteria and microbes. Our products can replace a majority of filter cartridges on the market.

100 Micron Filters or Greater

100-micron-rated filters are typically used to remove sediment and larger particles from fluids in a variety of applications. For reference, the height of a copy sheet of paper is 100 microns.

Global Filter 100 Micron Rated Filters :

10 Micron Filters

10-micron-rated filters are typically used as prefiltration in water systems and other industrial applications. For reference, the diameter of a human blood cell is around 10 microns. Global Filter typically recommends depth or pleated depth filters for 10-micron applications.

Global Filter 10 Micron Rated Filters:

PPE Series Pleated Cartridges

5 Micron Filters

5-micron-rated filters are typically used as a finer or final filtration step in various applications. For reference, dust particles can range around 5 microns. Global Filter recommends prefiltration when using 5-micron filters as they can clog quickly.

Global Filter 5 Micron Rated Filters:

1 Micron Filters

1-micron-rated filters are used where very fine filtration is required in various applications. For reference, yeast is on average around 3-4 microns.

Global Filter 1 Micron Rated Filters:

0.45 Micron Filters

0.45-micron-rated filters are typically used for sterilization and clarification of liquids. For reference, E. coli has a diameter of approximately 0.5 microns.

Global Filter 0.45 Micron Rated Filters:

0.2 Micron Filters

0.2-micron-rated filters are typically used for the sterilization of liquids and gases. For reference, some strains of Pseudomonas and Legionella have a diameter of around 0.2 microns.

Global Filter 0.2 Micron Rated Filters:


0.1 Micron Filters

0.1-micron-rated filters are a sterilization grade of filtration Global Filter offers. For reference, many viruses, including the coronavirus, are around 0.1 microns in size.

Global Filter 0.1 Micron Rated Filters:

0.05 Micron Filters

0.05-micron-rated filters are the highest degree of filtration Global Filter offers.

Global Filter 0.05 Micron Rated Filters:

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