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Chemical Filtration

Solvent Filtration

We understand the impact improper filtration can have on the fine chemicals you produce and the overall adverse impact that substandard filtration can have on your business.

Organic Solvent Filtration

In the fine chemical industry, organic solvents are widely used. Filtration plays a vital role at every stage of your synthesis: Filtration of raw materials, chemical inter-reactor filtration, catalyst filtration, and safety filtration. Solvents are usually hazardous and designing a filtration system for filtering solvents requires careful consideration.  In choosing the most suitable filter cartridge for your process, several elements such as temperature and chemical compatibilities must be considered on top of the traditional aspects (flow rate, viscosity, solid quantity).

In organic chemicals, temperature and chemical compatibilities are indeed crucial aspects:

  • Chemical compatibility is crucial to prevent the release of some plastic particles in your products.  The solvent or mix of solvents and the active molecules can influence the reactive environment’s chemical compatibility with the cartridge used.
  • The temperature of the reactive environment can also influence the cartridge choice.

Filter elements for the solvent filtration

For solvent filtration, we recommend using our GPFA-Series membrane cartridges along with our sanitary vessels. Our membrane cartridges with absolute efficiencies down to 0.05 microns and with high chemical compatibility are the best solution to fulfill your requirements. Our GPFA-Series are adapted up to 185°C and are compatible with a wide range of highly reactive chemicals including:

• Acetic Acid (10%)

• Hydrofluoric Acid (50%)

• Hydrogen Peroxide (30%)

• Nitric Acid (conc.)

• Phosphoric Acid (conc.)

• Sulfuric Acid (cavonc.)

• Ammonium Hydroxide (conc.)

• Potassium Hydroxide (conc.)

• Sodium Hydroxide (conc.)

• TMAH (5%)

• Aqua Regia (HNO3:HCl)

• Mixed Acid Etch

Moreover, we offer a large range of cartridge media (polypropylene, nylon, glass fiber, cotton, PTFE, fluoropolymer, PES …) for broad chemical compatibilities. All our products have the certificates required by the fine chemical industry.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your fine chemical and solvent filtration needs. We can help you optimize your process as well as your filtration costs.