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Specialty Products

Global Filter offers a variety of product lines, designed for the most challenging applications.

Cylindrical and Pleated Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Global Filter’s cylindrical and pleated stainless steel filter elements offer an excellent filtration solution for applications with extreme thermal ranges and differential pressures while providing excellent contaminant holding capacity and efficiency. 

NIL-8™ Sanitizing Solution & Membrane Cleaner

NIL-8 is a peracetic acid-based solution intended for use in membrane-based water treatment systems and associated distribution piping, valves, & controls. It’s been proven consistently effective with decades of successful application in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries as well as in general industry.

GSD-Series Stack Disc

GSD-Series Stacked Disc depth filter elements are constructed from individual cells of a blend of cellulose and diatomaceous earth (DE). Each cell is constructed under compression with polypropylene edge seals and separators.