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Polyester Pleated Cartridges

Pleated polyester depth media offers an efficient and economical filtration option with broad application. The all-polyester construction allows higher temperature use (up to 235°F). The 2.5” OD allows use in housings where larger cartridges do not fit. Manufactured in a clean-room environment to maintain high standards of purity and cleanliness. Offered in both absolute-rated (up to 99.98% retention) and nominally-rated (90% retention) grades in common adapter configurations and seal material types.

LiquidClear™ GF-Series
LiquidClear GF-Series Pleated Synthetic Depth Media Filter Cartridges offer economical, cellulose-free construction with significant dirt-holding capacity and low-pressure drop at nominal efficiencies. Generally provides better performance value relative to string-wound, meltblown, and resin-bonded alternatives. PVC plastisol end caps offer an integral and positive seal.
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