Parts Cleaning

Global Filter can help put together a filtration system to optimize your cleaning fluid performance and extending your part’s product life.

Filtration Technologies in Parts Cleaning

In order to improve the cleanliness of the parts and the cost-effectiveness of the process, most parts washers include filtration technologies. The selection of the correct filtration technology is critical to reduce rejected parts, re-work, nozzle-plugging, and scrap. In addition, filtration will extend the overall life of the wash and rinse fluids, reduce labor hours, and minimize disposal costs.


Download the Parts Cleaning literature below for more details on our filtration solutions.

Parts Cleaning Application Brochure

Learn more about the role of filtration in the parts cleaning process and the products for each stage.

Our Products Used in the Parts Cleaning Process

Single & Multi-Round Bag Vessels
Band-Clamp Cartridge Vessels
Liquid Filter Bags
Meltblown PP Cartridges
HFB Series Pleated Cartridges
PP & PPE Series Pleated Polypropylene Cartridges