Food & Beverage

Our engineers have spent years perfecting and developing an extensive portfolio of filtration solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. We understand that there are many applications that make up the industry, each with their own unique requirements and filtration needs.


Global Filter provides filter cartridges to world-leading producers in quality beers. We understand the sizeable capital expenditure requirements for optimizing product quality and focused to provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality standards.

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Bottled Water

Global Filter offers a complete line of filtration solutions to handle any application throughout the water bottling process. As a premier supplier of depth, pleated depth and pleated membrane cartridges and vessels, Global Filter is your one-stop solution for all your filtration needs.

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Flavorings, Fragrances And Edible Oils

Global Filter’s extensive line of high-purity filtration equipment offers solutions for every processing need. Whether the goal is optical product clarity, maximizing shelf life or even storage tank venting, Global Filter has you covered.

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Global Filter short lead times, integrity, and improved economical solutions in the seafood application. Our filters were trialed in a reverse osmosis desalination system on one of seven boats in a fleet and customer experienced exceptional value with performance.

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Filtration is a crucial step in wine production. Proper filtration allows for removal of particulate and spoilage organisms without altering the color, flavor or aroma of the wine, which translates to consistent end product and long shelf life. For over 20 years, Global Filter has been designing and manufacturing filters specially designed for the wine industry. Our experience enables us to help you optimize your manufacturing and packaging processes, which adds to your bottom line.

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Additional applications Global Filter supports

  • Cider
  • Dairy
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Food Ingredients
  • Juices & Soft Drinks
  • Sugar Cane & Corn Syrup