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Cheese brine case study



In the food industry, filtration is a real challenge not only based on efficiency but also on very demanding standards. Producing very large quantities, continuously, and uniformly is also part of the solution we needed to provide for this major actor in the dairy industry. Based on our filtration expertise and our customer need approach we managed to find the ideal solution to sterilize cheese brine. In this particular case, we offered a solution requiring no temperature elevation which guaranties the end product’s quality.

The Customer

Founded in 1933 in France, our client is a global leader within the dairy industry and has a large presence across all categories of the market. Our client is one of the largest cheese manufacturers in the world, and one of Europe’s leaders within the milk consumption, butter and cream markets. Our customer is also a major player in the chilled dairy and dairy ingredients categories, as well as the foodservice industry. Their presence is also growing within clinical and infant nutrition markets. Our client challenged us to find a solution to sterilize cheese brine without using pasteurization, in their production of mozzarella.

The Challenge

Our client produces large quantities of mozzarella using brine. They contacted Global Filter in order to filter this brine by removing yeast, mold and bacteria which could contaminate the cheese. The requirements of the food industry are very strict in order to protect consumer health. By not removing all microbial contaminants, there could be a negative impact on product quality, shelf life, taste, not to mention the potential for negative consequences on consumer health. To meet the requirements for food safety, our client sterilizes the brine by increasing its temperature using titanium heat exchangers.

The Solution

We started by analyzing in detail the products and requirements of our client. We managed to find a solution that meets the demands of our client’s required specifications. Global Filter advised our client to use two different types of cartridges: PP-Series food grade pleated depth cartridges as pre-filtration and GFPES-Series food grade pleated membrane cartridges for polishing and sterilization. This combination of filter elements guaranties a steady and consistent sterilization without using elevated temperature.

Global Filter’s extensive knowledge of the dairy industry enabled to find a new solution to sterilize cheese brine