Case Studies

Our filtration solutions highlighted in customer success stories

High Purity Pharmaceutical Case Study


DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY The Customer During the covid pandemic, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and vaccines, experienced stock depletion with their consumable filter elements. These filter elements are crucial to their high-purity process and stopping production was not an option for replenishing stock. This global leader in the pharmaceutical industry approached Global Filter for […]

High Purity Pharmaceutical Case Study


DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY The Customer A global leader producing fine chemicals for pharmaceutical drugs approached Global Filter for help with the processing of their high-purity products. As a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and vaccines, protecting employees and consumers from harmful process components while ensuring product consistency, was a top priority. The Initial Situation Several […]

High Purity Edible Oils Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW A leading producer of food and pharmaceutical-grade oils, waxes, oleoresins and seed flours approached Global Filter for help with processing some of their high-purity products. As a direct supplier to the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, and animal feed industries, remaining competitive while maximizing product quality is first priority when considering purity. […]

PVP Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile, water-soluble polymer used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care items, pharmaceuticals and more. It acts as a binder, a wetting agent or lubricant, and in some combinations, even as a disinfectant or preservative. However, its unique properties and broad spectrum of uses also makes it difficult to […]

Ultra-Pure Water Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW As the ultra-pure water industry continues to grow at significant rates, it has also become increasingly competitive. In 2020, the industry is expected to reach more than $7 billion USD and many companies are vying for that business. To make sure the evolving industry is regulated, most water systems are governed by organizations […]

Bottled Water Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW The bottled water industry is one of the fastest growing liquid beverage markets in the world. The expansion of this market is attributed to the rising consumption of bottled water and technological advances in water processing equipment. Water sources and types of bottled water vary, but all contain the same common goal, create […]

Fermentation Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW A globally operating chemical facility based in the Midwest, produces high purity enzymes that transform corn starch into cyclodextrins (sugar molecules). Cyclodextrin is used in drug delivery and in many cases is used as an ingredient in commercial food products. The facility’s cyclodextrins are also a key component in many pharmaceutical applications. To […]

Wine Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW Wineries Rely on Global Filter’s Pleated Filter Elements to Remove Particulate and Contaminants From Red Wine.  THE CHALLENGE Peregrine must guarantee that their onsite filtration solutions operate reliably to help their customers meet strict regulatory standards. Peregrine builds its company on solid personal relationships, providing first-class products and excellent customer service. It is […]

Seafood Case Study


APPLICATION OVERVIEW For 20 years, Global Filter has placed the highest importance on exemplary customer service and offers the shortest lead times in the industry for high-quality, high-value fluid filtration solutions.  THE CHALLENGE The seafood products producer was opening the opportunity to displace their current products from another manufacturer.   Given its successful history in […]

Beer Case Study


BEER Global Filter’s pleated microglass filter cartridges passed rigorous testing for organoleptic (i.e. taste) impact on beverages and provided new options to a global beer bottler company. This leading beer producer also saved money using pleated microglass filter cartridges while maintaining quality standards. INITIAL SITUATION One of the world’s largest beer producers was considering an […]