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Bottled Water Case Study



The bottled water industry is one of the fastest growing liquid beverage markets in the world. The expansion of this market is attributed to the rising consumption of bottled water and technological advances in water processing equipment. Water sources and types of bottled water vary, but all contain the same common goal, create a proper filtration process to meet the quality goals of the consumer.

To meet required water quality standards and remain competitive, systems must integrate several filtration processes to reduce particulates, remove microorganisms, and protect equipment. For a bottled water manufacturer to produce a quality product, regulations require them to follow strict specifications regarding the purity of the end product.


Major North American bottled water manufacturer faced an upset from city water feed with abnormal amounts of particulate and no local filtration support or local stocking for emergency deliveries.

A national bottled water manufacturing company was experiencing issues meeting their particulate removal requirements as well obtaining product in emergency situations. Each facility was operating their own quality control process with little to no consistency from plant to plant, but wanted to produce the same standard of quality.


Provide cost-effective filters that exceeded the standards of quality while providing local stock by aligning with a key distribution partner.

When this effort began, the distributor had relationships with 3 of 14 bottled water plant locations across the United States but had little to no business in filtration products. Global Filter entered into a joint sales effort with the distributor to address the challenge. After multiple meetings, joint visits, plant surveys and equipment assessments, Global Filter developed a strategic inventory program and price structure to support the bottled water plants that had agreed to redirect their filtration spend to Global Filter’s distributor.

Global Filter’s team recognized the bottler was using a filter that was too tight for the application and suggested they go to a larger micron filter depending on the load of particulate at each site. Global Filter replaced a competitor’s filtration vessels at various process points to ensure product consistency at every location.


Global Filter’s focused efforts provided improved particulate capture, consistent quality of product, and filter availability.

The success of this effort is a direct result of Global Filter’s commitment to the distributor and the end-user. Global Filter was able to provide more consistent filtration between each manufacturing facility by assisting in the development of a filtration specification for each product line. This improved their quality control (product safety) while lowering their overall filtration costs. The manufacturer has grown to 30+ plants in the US and Mexico. In many cases, relationships at new sites were established by Global Filter field representatives during start-ups and new equipment builds.

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