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Seafood Case Study



For 20 years, Global Filter has placed the highest importance on exemplary customer service and offers the shortest lead times in the industry for high-quality, high-value fluid filtration solutions. 


The seafood products producer was opening the opportunity to displace their current products from another manufacturer.  

Given its successful history in outperforming the competitor’s product line, Global Filter quoted their High-Performance Grade melt blown filters and presented a favorable price and immediate shipping. Global Filter’s sales and customer support team recognized the sense of urgency and responded quickly. They delivered the first order of 5,000 filters within five days. The filters were initially trialed in the reverse osmosis desalination system on one of seven boats in the fleet. The seafood producer commented, ‘We were incredibly satisfied with our experience with Global Filter. We needed the filters urgently and they arrived right away. We saw excellent performance and value, and the Global Filter customer service team was a pleasure to work with.’


The seafood manufacturer extended their use of the Global Filter cartridges to its entire fleet of processing boats.  

The next order of 20,000 cartridges was delivered within three weeks. Soon after this, an unexpected system upset due to algae bloom resulted in an urgent call requesting an additional 5,000 cartridges readied for air-shipment in 48 hours. Global Filter was able to meet the requirement; allowing the operations to continue without interruption. Global Filter further aided them by stocking their product requirements in a west coast warehouse; savings days of shipping time and thousands of dollars in freight cost.

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