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The Industries

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile, water-soluble polymer used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care items, pharmaceuticals and more. It acts as a binder, a wetting agent or lubricant, and in some combinations, even as a disinfectant or preservative (when mixed with iodine). PVP has stringent requirements, making it challenging to produce.

The Customer

A Texas-based manufacturer, produces various grades of PVP used for medical and cosmetic products. They were experiencing issues meeting their customers’ particulate and endotoxin specifications in the their highest value products. They attempted to meet these requirements using various competitive products (pleated depth and pleated membrane filters). All failed, even after multiple passes. They ultimately decided to reassess and reached out to Global Filter for assistance.

The Trial

Through extensive testing, it was determined that the manufacturer was able to exceed their customers’ particulate requirements and remove all detectable endotoxins by polishing the product with Global Filter’s highly charged Nylon 6,6 pleated membrane cartridges.

The Solution

Global Filter’s highly charged Nylon 6,6 filter cartridge allowed the customer to remove sub-micronic contaminants and endotoxins mechanically (due to pore structure), as well as remove contaminants far smaller than the filter’s rating due to its positive charge. This change also dramatically reduced the manufacturer’s processing time by allowing them to meet the requirements in a single-pass.

Since then…

The manufacturer has referred to the new cartridges as “The Global Filter Magic Filters”.

Global Filter, Making the Impossible Possible