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Ultra-Pure Water Case Study



As the ultra-pure water industry continues to grow at significant rates, it has also become increasingly competitive. In 2020, the industry is expected to reach more than $7 billion USD and many companies are vying for that business. To make sure the evolving industry is regulated, most water systems are governed by organizations that include the FDA, EPA, USP and EU. 


Due to the regulations and the increased demand for pure and ultrapure water, efficient and effective filtration systems have become a crucial component to the end goal – the delivery of quality water. Microfiltration technologies play an essential role and have a direct impact on the ability to effectively optimize the systems. Processes for producing pure and ultrapure water are relatively similar, yet typically have their own unique and specific requirements. Understanding the process environment, particulate distribution and utilization of all effective filtration area are important factors to ensuring effluent quality. With demand for water at an all-time high, producers are taking strategic steps to optimize their systems while continuing to abide by stringent regulations.


In order to stay viable and competitive, one busy producer recognized the need to reduce their replacement cartridge delivery times. Their supplier was averaging a lead time of more than six weeks which required the user to store more cartridges than they were positioned to handle. In an effort to fully optimize their operations, the customer asked Global Filter and a local distribution partner for help. Recognized for the best customer service in the industry, Global Filter scheduled an initial system assessment over the phone. Following this initial information gathering session, technically trained Global Filter staff met with the customer on-site to review their system and discuss opportunities for optimization.


The Global Filter team assessed the obstacles and provided a comprehensive plan for a fully optimized system. They identified a need to create a customized double-layer validated PES membrane cartridge which saved the customer approximately $100 per cartridge. The team also addressed the six week lead time, which was reduced to less than ten days. These changes allowed the customer to improve their process by reducing change-out frequency while keeping fewer filters on-site; allowing them to reduce on-hand inventory and associated costs. The customer successfully optimized their process efficiencies with the assistance of Global Filter.

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