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Microelectronics Filtration Success Story


Application Overview

The microelectronics industry is a continuously growing industry across the world. The expansion of this market is mainly attributed to the usage of semiconductors in a wide range of end-use applications such as electronics, industrial equipment, automotive, networking and communications, and data processing. The semiconductor manufacturing process relies on water, chemicals, solvents, and gases that are free of sub-micron particles, as well as metal, ionic, and organic contaminants. Filtration of these fluids is critical to the microelectronics manufacturer to produce a quality product.

The Challenge

A major microelectronics manufacturing company realized on a Friday they had run out of a unique style of filter for a critical application in their manufacturing process. The customer wanted the filter they were currently using to be delivered the next day, however, it had a lead time of 4+ weeks from the current filter manufacturer. This would result in an operational shutdown and significant revenue losses for the microelectronics manufacturer.

The Solution

Global Filter determined the direct replacement for their current filter was a very specific version of our GATB-Series. The replacement was determined very quickly due to the extensive knowledge of the sales team. The order was placed and within hours it was finished being manufactured and shipped out to the microelectronics manufacturer. The replacement filters were delivered to the plant the next morning. This ensured the plant could keep operations running ultimately saving them from a significant revenue loss.