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Wine Case Study



Wineries Rely on Global Filter’s Pleated Filter Elements to Remove Particulate and Contaminants From Red Wine. 


Peregrine must guarantee that their onsite filtration solutions operate reliably to help their customers meet strict regulatory standards. Peregrine builds its company on solid personal relationships, providing first-class products and excellent customer service. It is essential that the company partner with filtration solutions professionals who are equally dedicated to customer service and providing solid expertise.  


Since 2014, Global Filter has proven to be extremely reliable and flexible by providing Peregrine Mobile Bottling excellent particulate and microbial removal for wine bottling.  

Peregrine has noted that it feels as if they are working with a local distributor, with regard to the support they are provided even with short lead times. Global Filter’s professionals recommended their industry-leading pleated products which provides Peregrine with multiple pre- & final filtration options that deliver ideal flow rates, pressure drops and optimal throughout. Global Filter’s bioburden filters deliver log reduction values greater than 8.0; essentially, removing 99.999999% of the microbial contaminant. This product has been pivotal as the final filtration step and as a highly effective prefilter prior to sterilization.

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