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Beer Case Study



Global Filter’s pleated microglass filter cartridges passed rigorous testing for organoleptic (i.e. taste) impact on beverages and provided new options to a global beer bottler company. This leading beer producer also saved money using pleated microglass filter cartridges while maintaining quality standards.


One of the world’s largest beer producers was considering an output expansion and seeking effective process technologies to maximize beer freshness. They contacted Global Filter during their expansion process. The producer wanted to avoid significant capital costs of adding a flash pasteurization process for microbial contaminants. This process helps stabilize beer and maintain flavor while increasing its shelf life. Their current process was not consistently effective and they needed to make changes. 


Global Filter was contacted to observe production operations and discuss process objectives with the operation and quality control staff. The teams agreed on a plan to conduct side-stream trials using multiple filter medias. The test design bracketed the range of retention efficiencies to allow the bottler to achieve optimum performance with service life, microbial retention, and cost per filtered barrel.


The side-stream trials resulted in the selection of Global Filter’s 0.45-micron borosilicate glass microfiber pleated depth media filter cartridges. After six months of active use, the bottler was pleased with the change.

A positive outcome of the trials was the recognition that Global Filter’s pleated micro-glass filter cartridges passed rigorous testing for organoleptic (i.e. taste) impact on beverages below the custoer’s budget. Today, the beer producer consistently achieves product quality standards and ustomer requirements.

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