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High Purity Pharmaceutical Case Study During Covid



The Customer

During the covid pandemic, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and vaccines, experienced stock depletion with their consumable filter elements. These filter elements are crucial to their high-purity process and stopping production was not an option for replenishing stock. This global leader in the pharmaceutical industry approached Global Filter for a time-sensitive solution, given Global Filter’s experience in the industry.

The Initial Situation

Several products the customer manufactures are used as additives for pharmaceutical drugs, such as vaccines and medications. The production of these high-purity products requires the use of polypropylene pleated cartridges as a first filtration step. The customer needed 150 pleated cartridges with an absolute retention of 1 micron, in less than 3 days for production to not be interrupted. The competitor’s standard delivery time was 4 weeks.

The Solution

The customer reached out to Global Filter mid-morning and the order was placed within the hour for 150 PP-Series (PP) polypropylene pleated cartridges. All the components needed for the first filtration step were available at Global Filter’s European plant (Caderousse, France) for production to start the next day. 

The last PP cartridge for the customer’s order passed requirements for quality two days after the order was placed and 150 cartridges were delivered to the customer’s site nearby, the same day. 

Global Filter’s responsiveness and flexibility made it possible to produce and deliver product to a customer in 2 days. The capacity to adapt was of tremendous value in order for the customer to not experience downtime in their production process. 

Global Filter was able to make a significant impact to the customer’s bottom line. Global Filter’s production team was able to accommodate this rush order without delaying existing orders.

Global Filter’s responsiveness and flexibility to put the customer first proved to be of tremendous value, not only supporting the customer but ultimately assisting in the fight against the covid pandemic