PVP Case Study



Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile ingredient used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care items, pharmaceuticals,  and more. It also has the ability when combined with iodine to act as an active antibacterial agent and antiseptic.

For a chemical manufacturer to produce PVP, regulations require them to follow strict customer specifications regarding the purity of the end product. This necessitates high efficiency and repeatable filtration to ensure that the final product can be used without contaminating any of the many consumer goods that it is used to produce.


Poor filtration significantly impacts the  quality of Polyvinylpyrrolidone and viability for customers use – putting your profitability at-risk. 

When a chemical processing company was experiencing issues meeting their customers’ requirements for PVP. They were seeing high amounts of particulate and endotoxins in their final product. This was a result of the unsuccessful removal of contaminants due to their current pleated depth solution failing to perform, even after attempting to run the product through multiple filtration cycles.


Improving overall safety and quality of their Polyvinylpyrrolidone product, while allowing them to exceed customer expectaions. 

After identifying that endotoxins and particulate were not being removed to the desired levels during the filtration process, the chemical company engaged Global Filter to evaluate their process and develop a solution. Global’s team of filtration specialists made visits to the facility and partnered with them to evaluate where the breakdown in the process was taking place and develop a solution that when tested would meet the chemical company’s customer specifications. 

Global Filter’s team recommended their sub-micronic Highly Charged Nylon 6,6 Pleated Membrane cartridges be used in place of the existing pleated depth and standard pleated membrane cartridges. 

After completing the required evaluation and testing, this change was implemented into the chemical company’s process and extensively tested to prove that they were now able to exceed the customer’s particulate and endotoxin removal requirements.


The Global Filter solution delivered improved particulate retention efficiency and endotoxin removal, elevating product quality beyond expectations. 

After a thorough review of the facility and the customer’s filtration processes, Global Filter’s Engineering and team of filtration specialists consulted with the facility’s personnel to offer higher quality filtration options. They discovered the underlying filtration issues, understood their goals, and offered higher performing alternatives. Changing to Global Filter products gave the Chemical Company the opportunity to not only satisfy the specifications set forth by their customer, but exceed them – improving value to their customer.

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