Pleated Depth Cartridges

The multi-layer, fiber-based medias provide true depth-loading for high-efficiency removal at low micron ratings. Pleated depth cartridges design increases surface area which in turn, increases loading capacity and allows for higher flow rates. In a typical process flow, used as a prefilter to pleated membranes or as a polishing element to depth style medias.



Provides a high area, 100% polypropylene element for removal of fine or coarse particulate from fluid streams. Compatible in most chemical and food and beverage applications.



Offers high-efficiency retention of particulate matter from liquid and gaseous fluid streams. High dirt-loading capacity with optimal flow characteristics.

PEE Series Pleated Depth Cartridges


Offers high-efficiency retention and is an economical filtration option with broad application. Well suited for oil-based and hydro-carbon applications.


Ideal for filtration of aggressive solvents, acids, caustics, and ozone applications.