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FGE-Series Economy Grade Pleated Microglass Product Update

Continuing with our goal to offer the highest quality products and the industry’s best lead times, we are making a change to our Economy Grade pleated microglass filter series (FGE). The updated construction will feature a heavy-duty polypropylene cage. This will result in a more robustly designed cartridge with added length flexibility while improving the lead time on this product. For high-temperature applications that require the current polyester netting and end cap design, we will create a “new” FGEHT high-temperature design.

FGE-Series Updated Construction

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene molded cage
  • Increased durability and integrity
  • Length Flexibility
    • Can be adapted from 10″ to 9/75″ incremental lengths
  • Available with polypropylene DOE, 222/FLAT, or 222/FIN end caps
  • Improved lead times
  • Offering FGEHT version for high temp applications that require polyester netting and end cap design.
  • 2.5″ outside diameter

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