Pleated Membrane Cartridges

Extremely high removal efficiencies allow for the removal of particulate and microbial contaminants. Multiple media and grade options are available to optimize a filtration train for the most demanding applications in liquid and air filter manufacturing. In a typical process flow, used as a prefilter to final polishing membranes or in a final filtration step to remove microbial contaminants.


Hydrophilic Polysulfone

Offers exceptional flowrate and loading capability by virtue of its highly asymmetrical pore structure. Commonly used as a pre or final filter in high purity applications.


Hydrophobic Polysulfone

Provides a cost-effective alternative to PTFE or PVDF membrane cartridges. Ideal for air and vent applications.



Offers excellent flux density and low protein-binding. Ideal for optimal flow capacity and particulate retention in water, food, and beverage applications.


Nylon 6, 6 

Provides excellent particulate retention and cleanliness for a variety of applications. The positively charged option provides removal of endotoxins and negatively charged contaminants.



Provides superior chemical resistance for a broad range of industrial applications. Known for highly efficient particulate retention and the hydrophobic media performs well in both air and liquid applications.