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Sediment Filter

Sediment Filtration Solutions

Sediment filtration is the process of trapping and removing suspended solids from water. Without proper filtration, sediment builds up and negatively impacts operations, causing maintenance and suboptimal efficiency. Global Filter’s sediment filters ensure clean water and efficient processes.

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters retain and remove particulate matter from your water. Sediment is any particulate substance in water that is not a liquid. Depending on your manufacturing process and water system sediment can come from a number of sources. Rust can enter the water supply from corroded piping, and rainwater and process water can carry sediment into your groundwater supply and your water systems. Sediment filters ensure clear water and are essential to water filtration processes.

They are used across many applications but Global Filter’s sediment filters are industrial grade and typically used in manufacturing operations. Such as commercial drinking water filtration, cooling tower filtration, surface water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, RO prefiltration, and groundwater remediation.

Sediment Filter Removal Capabilities

Sediment filters use mechanical filtration which physically blocks unwanted particulate from continuing downstream. It is like a net catching a fish it allows the water to continue to flow while picking up suspended particulate. Global Filter sediment filters have different benefits depending on the product. Some filters use greater effective filtration areas to catch large amounts of debris. Other filters use depth gradients which increasingly tighten as you near the core. This allows for smaller and smaller sediment particles to be captured.

Overall sediment filters are capable of removing any visible particulate matter and turbidity(cloudiness) from water. However, they do not remove chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, or dissolved matter. They also have no effects on the taste and smell of water. Sediment filters are a defensive prefiltration method to save money on costly downstream filtration methods and reduce maintenance on operating equipment that uses water.

Sediment Filter Options

Depth Filters

Utilize depth gradients to remove sediment. The inner core is denser than the outer core, allowing filters to clarify increasingly smaller particulate.

Micron Ratings (Nominal and Absolute): 1-100

Lengths: 9.75″-40″

PPE Series Pleated Cartridges

Pleated Filters

Utilize larger surface area, made to filter uniform micron sizes, washable and reusable.

Micron Ratings (Nominal and Absolute): 0.2-40

Lengths: 10″-40″

HF Series High Flow Cartridges

High Flow Filters

Larger diameters offer extremely high surface areas, allowing for outstanding loading capacity at high flow rates. Reducing change-outs and costs.

Micron Ratings (Nominal and Absolute): 1-100

Lengths: 20″-60″

liquid filter bags

Sediment Filter Bag

Ideal in high-flow applications, generally for coarse particulate retention.

Micron Ratings (Nominal and Absolute): 1 to 1500

Sizes: 1-9

Sediment Filters Clean Water

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