RO System

Why is Pre-Filtration necessary for RO(Reverse Osmosis) systems? Do I need RO prefilters?

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration method that uses semi-permeable membranes to remove unwanted contaminates, such as molecules, particles, and ions from water. Pressure is used to force water through the RO membranes, which have precise pore sizes. RO membranes remove a majority of contaminants, giving high-purity water. But they need to be protected from […]

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What are final membrane filters? What size final filter do I need?

What are final membrane filters? Final membrane filters or final filters are typically used in beverage manufacturing to protect and stabilize the final product before bottling. The role of the final filter is the complete removal of spoilage microorganisms and fine particulate, they are 99% to 100% effective in eliminating undesirable and sometimes dangerous microbes. […]

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