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Smith Engineering’s Charity Golf Outing for Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships Charity

Safer, Healthier, and More Productive

Global Filter makes the world safer, healthier, and more productive with our high-purity filters and housings being key to Mercy Ships’ water systems. Recently, Global Filter participated in Smith Engineering’s Charity Golf Tournament for Mercy Ships. The event raised over $145,000, helping them build their newest ship, the Global Mercy. Mercy Ships is a nonprofit organization that deploys hospital ships across the globe to underdeveloped communities. The ships and volunteers aboard help to provide free life-changing surgeries and medical training to local healthcare professionals. Mercy Ship’s mission is to transcend borders and change lives.

Water System Filtration Solutions  

Our partnership with Smith Engineering has enabled our products to be a part of the clean water systems on Mercy Ships’ fleet. Our filter vessels and cartridges are currently on the Africa Mercy and help to ensure the volunteers and patients aboard have clean drinking water and sterile water for surgeries. Smith Engineering is developing the water systems for the new Global Mercy and Global Filter products will be a part of it as well. We are proud to support Mercy Ships as they leave long-lasting impacts on these communities and save lives. 

Changing Lives

An example of life we have helped change with Smith Engineering and Mercy Ships is Houssainatou’s life, she had a tumor growing in her mouth as a toddler and it continued to grow to the point that she could not even smile. Her family farms in the highlands of Guinea and the local hospitals could not treat her nor could they afford it. Her family constantly worried about her struggle and dying at an early age. Until they learned of a Mercy Ship coming to a port near them. They made the journey to the port, and she was accepted for the life-changing surgery. Houssainatou’s tumor was removed, allowing her to be healthy, pain-free, and smile again. Her family’s worries are gone and now they can focus on her future. This is just one example of the many lives that Mercy Ships has changed. The clean water systems Smith Engineering creates for these ships use Global Filter products to help provide sterile water for surgeries like this.

Next year’s Charity Golf outing for Mercy ships will be raising money to improve the Africa Mercy ship they have. We look forward to continuing to support Mercy Ships and continuing to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive. 

To learn more about Smith Engineering’s Charity Golf outing check out their webpage: https://smithengineeringinc.com/about/philanthropy/ 

To learn more about Mercy Ships and stories like Houssainatou’s check out their webpage: https://www.mercyships.org