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How to Properly Wet Out Membrane Filter Elements for Integrity Testing?

Membranes play a crucial role in various industries to ensure the removal of contaminants that can affect product quality and safety. To ensure accurate integrity test results and reliable membrane performance, it is essential to properly wet out these membranes. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of wetting membranes to guarantee […]

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What are the risks of Not Using Vent Filters?

Many processes require the use of tanks for holding ingredients to be added into the process, mixing of ingredients, or to hold the final product pending final filtration and filling. During the course of normal operations these tanks will be filled and emptied many times. Tanks must be vented to allow air to escape as […]

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My filters are clogging too quickly. What can I do?

At first glance, filtration (liquid-solid separation) is an operation that may seem simple, but in fact it involves a complex set of physical, electrostatic, chemical phenomena which are all governed by the laws of fluid flow. The principle of filtration being to retain particles by means of a media or support the first phenomenon that […]

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