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Nuclear decommissioning

We design and produce filter cartridges that retain nuclides / irradiated particles contained in the water of reactor pools in the nuclear decommissioning phase.

Filtration in the nuclear decommissioning

We are a referenced nuclear filters supplier since the 70’s, providing reliable standard products and customized solutions for both the nuclear and decommissioning industries.

The nuclear decommissioning faces strict legislations regarding dismantling and wastes and requires reliable filtration solutions with high retention capacities. Filtration Group SAS has developed solutions to meet the increasingly complex filtration problems associated with decommissioning and decontamination facilities.

Our filter cartridges are designed to be immersed under water for solid/liquid clarification/separation in the reactor pool during the dismantling phases (underwater laser cutting of the reactor elements).

Our filter cartridges will retain the Nuclides / irradiated particles contained in the reactor’s pool water. With high retention capacities , they are an efficient and reliable solution for the decommissioning filtration process.

Moreover, we develop and manufacture our filter cartridges for the nuclear decommissioning in our European plant based in France.

For more information about our product range specifically made for this challenging application, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts! They will be happy to help you!

The HFGF-GR monocartridges are used for the clarification and particle separation of reactor pool water during decommissioning operations of a nuclear power plant. They are available in 3 lengths ( 20″, 30″ and 40″ ) and cover a range from 1 to 25 µm. They comply with the AFNOR protocol NFX45300.