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Bottled Water Filtration

Global Filter offers a complete line of filtration solutions to handle any application throughout the water bottling process. As a premier supplier of depth, pleated depth, and pleated membrane cartridges and vessels, Global Filter is your one-stop solution for all your filtration needs.

Meeting Bottled Water Filtration Requirements

The bottled water market is highly diversified and competitive and comprised of a large number of companies, including both established and start-up firms. Critical process operations, set by government legislation, must be followed by all. These operations are established to ensure a bottled water system withholds integrity and to lower the costs per unit of bottled water.

Global Filter offers a complete line of filtration solutions to help you meet critical requirements. As a premier supplier of depth, pleated depth, pleated membrane cartridges, and vessels, Global Filter is your one-stop shop for your filtration needs.

The Importance of Bottled Water Filtration

Proper filtration systems are critical in ensuring the biological safety, quality, and shelf-life of the product, as well as protecting downstream equipment. To meet required water quality standards and remain competitive, systems must integrate several filtration processes to reduce particulates, remove microorganisms, and protect equipment. When a proper filter “train” is not installed, bacteria and particulate can impact flavor and overall quality, potentially harmful for human consumption.

Common particulates include sand, silt, and organic materials from the source water, as well as scale, rust, and other debris from transfer piping, hoses, and storage tanks. In addition, microorganisms can enter the bottled water process through contaminated carbon/sand beds, air/gas supply, and damaged piping/valves. A poorly designed filtration system will lead to frequent and unnecessary element changes, unsafe products, excessive downtime, and increased operating costs.

Typical Water Bottle Filtration Process

Bottled Water Process Diagram

Water Bottle Filtration Solutions

Particulate Filters

High Flow – HFB, EHF3, HF, HF3 series

Pleated Polypropylene – PP, PPE Series

Pleated Microglass – FG, FGE Series

Polypropylene Meltblown – GWTB, GCTB. GATB Series

Protecting the activated carbon, deionization tanks, the RO or Ion Exchange Units (IEU), and sterilizing filters is critical. Surface or groundwater is typically treated and softened before filtration with a filter that removes particles larger than 10 microns, then filtered down to 1 to 5 microns to protect downstream equipment. Depending on your flow rate and water quality, the first filtration solution should reduce your waste and be cost-effective.

Sterilizing Grade Filters

Polyethersulfone Membrane – GFPES and BRPES Series

Nylon Membrane – GFHNY and BRHNY Series

Reduces and removes virtually microorganisms and biological contaminants down to 0.2 microns as final filtration to bottled water applications and as further polishing in downstream bottle cleaning water systems. This ensures that bottled water will be safe for human consumption and that deionization tanks will be protected.

Tank Vent Filters

PTFE Membrane – GGPTFE and PPTFE Series

Polysulfone Membrane – PSH Series

Storage and fill tank vent filtration allows for bacteria and particulate-free air to pass during an evacuation, protecting the storage tank and its contents from contamination. This filter is typically rated at 0.2 microns and is hydrophobic and bacterial retentive, which prevents moisture and airborne contaminants from entering the tank. This protects the water ensuring it is safe for human consumption and ensuring the product is not lost.

Gas Filter Stages: 11

PTFE (Hydrophobic) Membrane – GGPTFE (General Grade) & PPTFE Series (Sterilizing Grade)

Polysulfone (Hydrophobic) Membrane – PSH Series

These filter cartridge membranes serve as gas filters during the bottling and packaging stage where CO2 or N2 is present.

Why Use Global Filter Filtration Solutions?

Improve Water Quality

Remove both particulate and bacteria for improved water quality and safer consumption for consumers.

Minimize System Downtime

Reduced frequency of filter change-outs which lowers operating costs.

Protect Process Equipment

Protect equipment by installing filters at critical process points to reduce fouling.

Increase Product Output

Process more products in less time increasing your output while generating more revenue.


Download the bottled water filtration literature below for more details on our filtration solutions.

Bottled Water Application Brochure

Bottled Water Application Brochure

Global Filter designs and manufactures vessels and filter elements used in the bottled water industry. Learn how our solutions can optimize your manufacturing process.

Bottled Water Case Study

Bottled Water Case Study

In this study, Global Filter hopes to provide you with solutions for each part of your process that will improve process efficiency and save production costs and downtime.

Bottled Water Fact Sheet

Bottled Water Fact Sheet

Quick hits on optimizing your bottled water process while ensuring product quality and consumer safety.

Bottled Water White Paper

This white paper explains the bottled water filtration process and key points of concern for bottlers.

GWTB – Series
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