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Wine Filtration Solutions

Global Filter’s full line of high-purity wine filtration equipment is available, customized to your specifications, faster than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Wine Filtration Is Crucial For A Consistent End Product

Proper filtration allows for the removal of particulate and spoilage organisms without altering the color, flavor, or aroma of the wine, which translates to a consistent end product and long shelf life. For over 20 years, Global Filter has been designing and manufacturing filters specially designed for the wine industry. Our experience enables us to help you optimize your manufacturing and packaging processes, which adds to your bottom line.

Global Filter’s Wine Filtration Solutions

Global Filter’s filtration products are used in 3 key stages of wine production:

The initial stages of the filtration target unwanted particles (sediment) and help with product clarity and brightness (white wines). For this stage we recommend, using our PLEATED MICROGLASS CARTRIDGES (FG & HFFG Series) and/or PLEATED POLYPROPYLENE CARTRIDGES (PP & HFPP series) with a pore size rating of 1 to 3 microns.

The final filtration stages target the removal of residual yeast and spoilage organisms that could cause further fermentation, changing taste profiles, and shortening shelf-life. For this step we reccemend using, our BRPTFE-Series High Purity Bio-Reduction Grade PTFE Filter Cartridges.

Fermentation tank vents, which ensure that air entering the process during fermentation does not contain particulate or biological contaminents are also important. Our range of PTFE MEMBRANE CARTRIDGES allows for the retention of microbial contaminants by filtering tank vents and processing air/gas.


Download the wine literature below for more details on our filtration solutions.

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Wine Filtration Application Brochure

For over 20 years, Global Filter has been designing and manufacturing filters, especially for the wine industry. Learn how Global Filter can help you optimize your bottom line in the wine industry.

Winery Sanitization Application Brochure

Learn why Global Filter’s NIL-8™ is the superior sanitization solution for wineries.

Wine Filtration Case Study

Learn how wineries rely on Global Filter’s pleated
filter elements to remove
particulate and contaminants
from red wine.

NIL-9 Sanitizing Solution

NIL-8 Sanitizing Solution

NIL-8 is a peracetic acid-based solution intended for use in membrane-based water treatment systems and associated distribution piping, valves, & controls. It’s been proven consistently effective with decades of successful application in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries as well as in the general industry. Cleaning of membranes and associated equipment with NIL-8 to kill microbes and remove bacterial load is proven to maintain the quality & consistency of products and process fluids, as well as maximize membrane life. 

GWTB BB Series Depth Cartridges

GWTB BB-Series Water Grade Meltblown Polypropylene

-A gradient density structure provides for low pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity.
-All polypropylene construction presents excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.
-Resists contaminant unloading, even at elevated differential pressures.
-All end configurations available (glued or thermally-bonded).
-Easy cartridge incineration and disposal.
-Free of additives, wetting agents, binders and silicone.