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Beer Bottling

Beer Filtration

Global Filter provides beer filtration solutions across the brewing process. We provide filters to some of the world’s leading beer producers.

Beer Filtration and Clarification Solutions

As a premier supplier of depth, pleated depth, and pleated membrane cartridges and vessels, Global Filter is your one-stop solution for all your brewery filtration needs. Filtration is a crucial step in the brewing process. There are many types of beer, but the fundamental steps of brewing beer are shared across national and cultural boundaries. Brewing requires critical process operations to ensure the integrity of the brewing process and to consistently produce the perfect beer. A proper filtration system is critical in ensuring the biological safety, quality, and shelf-life of the product, as well as protecting process equipment. Global Filter designs and manufactures vessels and filter elements used in the brewing industry. Our expertise enables us to optimize your brewery.

Bulk Brewery Filtration

Bulk Brewery Filtration Solutions

Global Filter operates on 3 key stages of beer production. First, is a bulk filtration step. After fermentation and aging solids and yeast must be removed to make the beer visually clear. For this step, we recommend using a pressure leaf filter offered by amafilter. Next, we will hit on clarification solutions.

Fermentation Tank Gas Filtration

Beer Filtration for Clarification

The next step Global Filter can improve your brewing process is clarification. Depending on beer composition (solid content, turbidity, microorganisms contents), we recommend using Global Filter’s pleated microglass cartridges (FG & HFFG Series) and/or pleated polypropylene cartridges (PP & HFPP series) with a pore size rating of 1 to 3 microns. Moreover, the FG-Series offers a low-pressure drop, high load capacity, and efficiency while assisting in haze removal due to the media’s inherent positive charge. This step also protects the membrane filter from being overloaded with particles and prematurely clogging. Then we move on to the preservation and bottling steps.

Beer Bottling Filtration

Beer Filtration for Preservation

Lastly, before bottling, the third and final step that Global Filter can help your brewery with is to provide clarity to the beer while removing residual yeasts, haze, and microbial contaminants that can potentially induce bottle fermentation, haze reformation, and that would interfere with beer preservation. For microbial contaminant removal, .45 micron or 0.8 micron rated PES membrane cartridges are recommended. Removing the microorganisms provides a stable product, free from microbial contaminants.

Beer Filtration Literature

Download the beer filtration literature below for more details on our filtration solutions.

Beer Application Brochure

Beer Application Brochure

Global Filter designs and manufactures vessels and filter elements used in the beer industry. Learn how our solutions can optimize your beer manufacturing process.

Beer Case Study

Beer Case Study

One of the world’s largest beer producers was considering an output expansion and wanted an effective process technology to maximize beer freshness. Learn how Global Filter played an active role in production operations and quality control.

Filtration Products for Breweries

FG-Series Filters


Our FG-Series is suitable for colloid filtration, and food contact and does not interfere with the organoleptic properties of beer. The FG-Series elements also protect membrane cartridges. As a result, they promote less maintenance and production downtime. In addition, Global Filter’s short lead times limit the amount of on-hand inventory required by the user.


PES Membrane Cartridges

Our range of PES membrane cartridges, such
as, GFPES, GBPES, and GDPES are 100% integrity tested before leaving the manufacturing facility to ensure they adhere to bacterial removal standards. The end-users process and operating requirements will dictate which Global Filter PES product and what micron rating is most optimal. This is often determined by the type of beer produced.