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Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

We promise high purity, efficiency, and economy to our customers. Our products undergo demanding integrity tests and are certified in our hygienic production facilities.To meet Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry Needs.

Providing High Purity Filtration Solutions For Critical Processes

Global Filter has more than 20 years of experience in high purity filtration solutions in the life sciences industry. With water being a primary component for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and plasma fractionation we are able to provide our technical expertise and evaluate and develop a total filtration solution for the critical points in your process.

With a variety of products that meet industry required certifications, we understand the intricacies of the industry you work in and how important it is to uphold the regulations set before you.


  • Clarification and Pre-filtration 
  • Bioburden Reduction & Sterilization 
  • Venting and Gas Filtration
  • Ultrapure Water & Utilities


Download the Pharmaceutical literature below for more details on our filtration solutions.

Pharma Case Study 1

A global leader producing fine chemicals for pharmaceutical drugs approached Global Filter for help with processing of their high-purity products. Learn how Global Filter helped with the critical process components while ensuring product consistency.

Pharma Case Study 2

Learn how Global Filter’s responsiveness and flexibility proved to be of tremendous value, not only supporting the customer but ultimately assisting in the fight against the covid pandemic. 

Medical Device Reprocessing Application Brief

An application brief featuring Global Filter’s new BRHNY+ Series filter cartridge. Highly effective solution for endotoxin and microbe removal.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Key Product


BRHNY-Series Bio-Burden Reduction Grade Nylon Plus+

BRHNY-Series Bio-Burden Reduction Grade Nylon Plus+ filter cartridges feature Nylon 6,6 membrane with an advanced positively-charged surface modification that is highly efficient in capturing submicronic particulate matter much finer than the stated mechanical rating. This offers a well-proven capability for highly efficient retention of haze, colloids, and color bodies. Specific to its use in medical applications, pyrogenic endotoxins are effectively removed as is well-documented in field use, industry journals, and laboratory data. Superior microbial retention is achieved to deliver a stable and consistent effluent. The BRHNY+ series offers a more cost-effective alternative to hollow-fiber cartridges in many high-purity applications.