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GSD-Series Stacked Disc

GSD-Series Stacked Disc depth filter elements are constructed from individual cells of a blend of cellulose and diatomaceous earth (DE). Each cell is constructed under compression with polypropylene edge seals and separators. Multiple gasket materials are available to ensure chemical compatibility in a wide range of liquid applications. Stacked Disc depth filter elements are ideal for applications ranging from low capacity laboratory environments to large scale production volumes for high solids removal or to protect downstream pleated depth or membrane filtration and equipment. DE exhibits an inherent positive charge which can support the removal of negatively charged ions and haze-causing particulate.

Typical Applications

Used for a wide variety of applications from clarification and pre-filtration to sterile filtration:

  • Coatings & Stabilizers
  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Syrups & Flavorings
  • Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Turbine Lube
  • Transformer Oil
  • Edible Oils
  • Plasma, APIs & Culture Media
  • Oral Products, SVPs, LVPs & topicals

Construction Materials

  • Filtration Media
    – Cellulose: Diatomaceous Earth
  • Edge Seals
    – Polypropylene
  • Spacer & Separator
    – Polypropylene
  • Gasket Retainer
    – Polypropylene
  • Gasket
    – Buna, EPDM, Silicone, Viton®