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Cosmetics Filtration

We understand the impact that inadequate filtration can have on the cosmetic preparations you produce, and the overall negative impact that substandard filtration can have on your business.

Optimizing the cosmetics filtration process

Filtration is a crucial step in the production of cosmetic products. Although there are many different cosmetic products (floral water, cream, perfume…), they all require critical operations to guarantee the integrity of the production process and produce perfect finished products. The right filtration system is essential to guarantee biological safety, product quality and shelf life, as well as to protect processing equipment. Global Filter designs and manufactures filter vessels and filter elements for the cosmetics industry. Our expertise also enables us to optimize your manufacturing process.

Typical cosmetics manufacturing process

Coarse Filtration

We operate on three key stages of any cosmetic production: First, a bulk filtration step, to remove all unwanted large particles (coarse filtration) such as small pieces of branches, leaves and petals, making the final product visually clear.

For this step, we recommend using Global Filter’s polypropylene meltblown depth cartridge with a 20 micron pore rating.

Cosmetics clarification

For the clarification step, depending on the cosmetic’s composition (solid content, micro-organisms contents), we recommend using Global Filter’s pleated polypro-
pylene cartridges (PP-Series) and/or pleated depth polypropylene cartridges (GHLS series) with a pore size rating of 1 to 3 micron. The PP-Series cartridge offers a low pressure drop, and high load capacity. This step also protects the membrane filter from being overloaded with particles and prematurely clogging.

For microbial contaminant removal, 0.2 micron rated PES membrane cartridges are recommended. Removing the microorganisms provides a stable product, free from microbial contaminants.

Cosmetics tank vent filters

Global Filter’s products can ensure sterile effluent free of microbial contaminants, providing cleanliness to wash/ rinse water and fluid utility lines.

Holding tank vents should utilize filtration to remove all
contaminants from ambient and process air.

Literature on cosmetics filtration

Download the cosmetics filtration documentation below for more details on our filtration solutions.

In the cosmetics industry, it is essential to filter process components to prevent particulate and microbial contamination, helping to ensure the quality of finished products. Find out how Global Filter’s product solutions help optimize the cosmetics manufacturing process.