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Soft Drink Filtration Solutions

In the soft drink manufacturing industry, proper filtration systems are critical in ensuring the biological safety, quality, and shelf-life of the product, as well as protecting downstream operation equipment.

Global Filter assists in creating consistent tasting soft drinks that are safe, high-quality, and shelf stable and require no reprocessing.

Proper filtration systems are criticial in ensuring the biological saftey, quality, and shelf-life of soda, as well as protecting production equipment. To meet required industry standards and remain competitive, soda systems must integrate sevel filtration processes to reduce particulates, remove microorganisms, and protect equipment. When filtration systems fail, bacteria and particulate can impact flavor and quality while sometimes even making the products unsafe to drink.

Soda Process Flow Diagram

Soft Drink Clarification Solutions

Soft Drink Clarification Solutions

For the clarification step, depending on the beverage composition (solid content, microorganisms contents) we recommend using FG-Series pleated micro glass or PP-Series pleated polypropylene cartridges with a pore size of 1 to 10 microns. The micro-glass media offers a low-pressure drop, high solid capacity, and efficient haze removal. This is due to the media’s inherent positive charge. This step also protects downstream membrane filters from being overloaded with particles and prematurely clogging.

Carbon Dioxide Filtration Solutions

If carbonic acid (gas) is added to the soft drink for the purpose of providing a bubbly mouth feel, the gas should be filtered to remove any potential microbial contaminant. For this step, we recommend using a hydrophobic PTFE or PS membranes.

Microbial Removal Solutions

Before bottling, the second and final filtration step will retain residual microbial contaminants that can potentially alter the taste and interfere with the preservation of soft drinks. Microorganisms can enter the soft drink process through contaminated carbon/sand beds. air/gas supply and damaged piping/valves. Removing these microbial contaminants from the product stream is crucial in ensuring quality and safety for consumption. 0.45 or .65 micron-rated PES membrane cartridges are recommended for microbial contaminant retention.

Soft Drink Filtration Literature

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Soft Drink Application Brochure

Global filter designs and manufactures vessel and filter elements for the soft drink industry. Learn how our solutions can optimize your soft drink process.

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