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Marc Lepetit

Managing Director Europe

Marc Lepetit, joined Filtration Group in April 2018 as Managing Director of France Filtration Group SAS and he’s the Managing Director of Global Filter Europe since February 2020. Marc spent all his career in subsidiaries of international and industrial companies. He has 10 years experience as Managing Director. Marc spent more than 18 years at Pall in various management positions: Supply Chain Manager, Quality & Logistic Director, Business Unit Manager for Industrial Process France and Southern Europe, and European Senior Marketing Manager for Microelectronics market. He has experience in various Sales channels: B to B: Direct, Distribution and Wholesale, and B to B to C: direct to consumer and dealers in water treatment business (softener and drinking water systems). During the last 10 years, he created and launched service business to created base business and direct contact with the end-users. His main focus is to develop significant profitable growth for Global Filter Europe.